2024 Summer Chess Camps

Master the Game with National Master Paul Chaplin

Hosted at Cedar Park Mathnasium

Upcoming Camp Sessions

Wild Openings! - June 3rd-7th

Traps, Plots and Pitfalls! Expect the unexpected! Learn how to set up — and avoid falling for — quick tactical zingers! Play knockout moves like the greats — from Wilhelm Steinitz to Magnus Carlsen!

Hosted at Cedar Park Mathnasium

Check & Mate! - June 17th-21st

The ultimate goal of the game is pursued with the replay and analysis of mesmerizing attacks conjured up by the greatest masters of today and of the past. Students add crushing mating nets, calculated king hunts, and other game-ending attacks to their skills.

Hosted at Cedar Park Mathnasium

Brilliancies & Howlers! - July 8th-12th

Chess to excite! The most awesome games that dazzle and entertain us… yet others leave us confounded and shaking our heads! Students experience the best and the worst from crowd favorites like Morphy, Alekhine, Tal and Fischer, to modern stars such as Nakamura, Firouza, and Rapport.

Hosted at Cedar Park Mathnasium

World Class Chess!! - July 22nd-26th

The phenomenal games of historic titans and current digital-era maestros will be examined to enlighten and inspire the student. Style and game selections from 150 years of world-class players will be inspected and compared: Anderssen, Morphy (1800s), Lasker, Alekhine, Botvinnik, Tal, Fischer, and Kasparov (1900s) to 21st-century champions like Anand and Carlsen.

Hosted at Cedar Park Mathnasium

Fantastic Finales! - August 5th-9th

Game-ending crescendos and on-point techniques are investigated. Middlegames and endgames are served up with clarity to recall a famous Lasker quote, “The hardest game to win is a won game.”

Hosted at Cedar Park Mathnasium

Registration & Pricing

Early registration ensures the best rate for our chess camps:

  • Before April 30th: $250
  • May 1st until 48 hours before camp starts: $275
  • Within 48 hours of camp starting: $300 (Late Registration; contact by phone or in person required, entry not guaranteed)

Fees and Refunds: A full reservation is confirmed upon receipt of all required fees and signed registration forms. We reserve the right to limit attendance, cancel camps, and refund fees without notice. For cancellations one week or more before camp starts, a refund minus a $25 fee is issued; no refunds thereafter. Exceptions for medical emergencies may apply, requiring evidentiary documentation.

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Additional Information

Daily Schedule: Instruction and events begin at 8:00 a.m. Please note, food and drinks are not provided. Water is available on site.

Health Safety Protocols: We follow CDC, state, and city recommendations for summer camps.

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